Have to go back and read more carefully. Thank you. When I was in upstate New York, the snow was slippery! & the pine trees are dying, between aluminum and the WiFi, burnt and clogged up with “ acid rain “

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The earth is being antithetically terraformed to make it a suitable habitation for devils. The reward of the deracinated, soulless ghouls in human form who are performing and effectuating this service for their invisible masters will be death and oblivion, just like it will be for the rest of us.

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I'm wondering why energy companies would support sun blocking. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that more and more people have solar panels.

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Ewwww, I know it's bad to say the following -- and I'll probably be the only dissenter, but I doubt you want only sycophants as subscribers, so here goes: I just wrote this as a comment to someone else before coming across your article:

"they are spraying aluminum nano particles out of planes almost 24/ 7. Worldwide"

At what altitude?

35,000 feet?

7 miles high?

Have you ever explored the subject of atmospheric dispersion?

Do you have any idea how many different currents of wind run throughout the sky?

Have you ever wondered what mankind's relative size is, individually & collectively, compared to the size of the earth and the atmosphere that surrounds it? Ask your friend the physicist or ask an AI chatbot and they will tell you that the calculations add up to mankind being relatively the size of grains of rice compared to the gargantuan earth and its even bigger atmosphere.

So grains of rice, if they wanted to, could fill the skies with their teeny-weeny planes and spray shit 24/7 from 35,000 feet and it wouldn't mean diddly squat. Ditto for the little grains of rice and their attempts to modify hurricanes & super cells, and control the winds, control the barometric pressure, control the humidity, and control the heat from the sun.

Remember, when it comes to claims of super powers to commit dastardly deeds against Nature, the Deep State pretend to NOT be covering up such super powers just to make you think there IS something to cover up, dig?

Do the math. Do the physics. Men, individually & collectively, are no bigger than grains of rice compared to the size of our enormous earth and its even bigger sky.

It's certainly conceivable that someone would try to affect the weather or climate or sunlight by spraying shite in the form of chemtrails, but they would soon see that their efforts & money were wasted.

Those "chemtrails" you think you see are actually just contrails (although to be fair, that jet exhaust IS a bunch of noxious chemicals and not something you'd want to breathe or eat).



Don't be spreading fearmongering horseshit that bigs up the Man and attributes powers to him that he ain't really got.

In other words, stop helping the CIA and their intentions to trigger chaos & fear.

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Dear Philosopher Newport,

Let me guess, you work for the Alphabet Agencies and/or, you’re just that naive. Geoengineering is in FACT taking place — it’s been going on for decades.

Want some proof — they’re just now starting to ADMIT what they’ve been doing for years & years.


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Your link provides no proof. It's basically an advertisement for cloud seeding, which is a load of shite. They claim, at best, a 5 -15% increase in rainfall, and that's seriously inconsequential chump-change if it was even true, but it's not. Barometric pressure is essential for rainfall, not silly particulates like silver iodide, and there ain't a chance in this hell that mankind will ever be able to control the barometric pressure.

Mankind, the size of grains of rice compared to the earth, LOL, steering the hurricanes and making it rain with their geoengineering particulates pissing out of the asses of their flea-sized aeroplanes, ewww, scary secret super powers!

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Simple “IQ-Test” question — how many mRNA jabs did you line up for?

Respond however you like on this forum — however, only YOU know the true answer — and you will most definitely live with the consequences whether you like it or not.

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Do you sometimes look up to the sky? Did you do that ever since? Do you love sunny days? I guess not.

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Don't you think it's relative to where a person actually lives? Do YOU love sunny days? Then move to San Jose, California from April to November and tell me how often the skies are overcast. Do a bit of research and you can find many places on earth where it's sunny more often than cloudy. Where the fuck do you live? The United Kingdom? The State of Washington? Wherever it is, if it's too cloudy too often for you, then why not move to where it's usually sunny? Ever thought about Arizona? Nevada? You can even find places to live that are not directly underneath commercial flight paths...

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You don't get it dude.

I had enough sunny days in the past. But since the last few years it changed dramatically.

Because I love the sun I KNOW for sure that something is wrong. I not only remember that here in Switzerland chemtrails were very rare before 2020. I have proof. More than 100'000 photos in my library. Same for red sky in the morning or red evening sky.

If you open your eyes you can see the difference between contrails and chemtrails.

Contrails were here forever.

The new types of clouds we see today did not exist years ago.

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Climates change. Always have. Dry land eventually becomes covered with water. Oceans eventually become deserts. Cold areas can become warmer, and warm areas can become colder. Variety, that's what we have here on earth.

This is not a fairy tale world. It's not actually supposed to be anything other than how it is right now. It's not actually "supposed to" snow on Christmas Day. It's not actually supposed to be sunny on the day of your parade. If anything, both the weather and climate are supposed to be unpredictable -- and that's exactly what they fucken are regardless if grain-of-rice-mankind thinks he knows better.

Your problem is not with the weather or skies or sun or clouds or climate change -- it is with placing any kind of faith or trust in mankind's explanations for why & how things actually are in this earthly world.

"I KNOW for sure that something is wrong...The new types of clouds we see today did not exist years ago."

You speak like a demented child who has been badly miseducated about this life & world. How the fuck did you even learn how to read & write?

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May 22·edited May 22

You seem to have a pretty good idea of what's going wrong in the world.

Unfortunately, you're a long way behind when it comes to weather manipulation.

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It comes down to evidence. How can something the size of a grain of rice cause an effect or modification to something that is gargantuan to it? How can a flea cause an effect or modification to a beach ball?

You are ignoring physical reality. You have concluded that something as small as a man could affect the wobble of the earth, affect the clouds & sun in the sky, and affect the barometric pressure & humidity & winds, and that's like claiming an ant can drive a car or fly a plane. It is simply a physical impossibility.

And so we come down to the motive for your belief >> You must WANT it to be true that grain-of-rice-man has special super powers that defy logic, reason, physics and Nature itself. The same kind of super powers used to modify a bat virus in Wuhan, eh wot?

Try an experiment >> Book a daytime flight -- Book a window seat -- Look out the window as the plane is taking off -- See the people walking about in the neighborhoods or city streets? How long does that last? For how long can you see the people? A minute or two? And what happens within only a minute or two? Within only ascending a thousand feet or so? You can't see the people anymore, can you? Why is that? Is it because they are so teeny-weeny compared to the size of the earth and the sky you are now flying within? And you believe those teeny-weeny people who are so small they are invisible from 2,000 feet up can make the clouds rain and can blot out the sun and can control the barometric pressure and the winds?

Have at it, bro. Believe what you must. I've made the best case I can and do not want to go round & round with you. For all I know you are a bot for the CIA or the 77th Brigade. If not, I bid you farewell.

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The skies have changed a lot in the 7 years since I've been in Switzerland. I watch the sky in the morning and evening. Today, the sunset was unusual. Around 19:00, the sun was bright white even as it reached the horizon. I remember when the sun would glow pink and orange over our lake. It's not the same anymore.

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The skies may have changed in 7 years but it is physically impossible for mankind to have had anything to do with it.

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Please watch this Film. https://vimeo.com/222928194

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What's it matter where anybody fuck'n lives asshole.

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Cheers, mate. If you live in the UK, there are more cloudy days than sunny ones. Ditto for Seattle, Washington. If you live in San Jose, California, there are more sunny days than cloudy days. So it does make a difference where you live when you have a preference for sunny days. Stay beautiful, Michael.

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"Fear is the mind killer" - Frank Herbert

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Enormous indeed. 100x bigger than what we are told.

I agree with you sir.

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Go read Elana Freeland's text books on Geoengineering. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=elana+freeland&crid=1ODFGWUCSHDGM&sprefix=elana+freelan%2Caps%2C447&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

There are patents for the practice. It's no BS. Cloud seeding is a well known tech & is employed all over the world according to a BBC documentary.


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Unfortunately patents don't guarantee anything. I believe someone once successfully patented a 'flying carpet'.

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Have you read Elana Freeland's many books on topic? I guess not

There's plenty enough evidence but some folks just don't want to read it... maybe worry what they'll find I suspect

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We are allowed to write and read and consume anything we choose. You don’t have to read things you don’t like, but don’t tell someone to stop writing what they choose to write.

If you have already “done the math,” then show your work. It takes a very complex program and a supercomputer to analyze airflow and particles in the air.

You need a PhD in aerodynamics to do this kind of analysis.

A dust storm in the Sahara can dirty the sky in Texas.

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I will tell anyone anything I like, Palooka.

No, you don't get my math results. If you truly care about the subject, you will ask a physicist or an AI chatbot to do the math for you. If you can't be bothered, then that just goes to show you that you would not have respected my math results even if I gave them to you.

Are sand-based dust particles bigger than synthetic chemicals?

Do they get degraded by the sun & wind like synthetic chemicals do?

Does something bigger get dispersed further than something smaller?

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May 21·edited May 21

for those unaware: aluminum powder mixed with iron oxide (rust) powder ignited with magnesium=thermite

not far from the ingredients in those flares, but I'm not chemist enough to check if something like the oxidizer involved would suffice as a substitute for the rust.

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Idaho Power is also seeding with liquid propane as the primary seeding agent.


Proposed FY2024 Budget for the Secondary Aquifer Fund, Cloud Seeding: $7M. Cigarette tax proceeds contribute to the totals.


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“Silver iodide is one of the most common nucleating materials used in cloud seeding. Previous cloud seeding studies have concluded that AgI is not practically bioavailable in the environment but instead remains in soils and sediments such that the free Ag amounts are likely too low to induce a toxicological effect. However, none of these studies has considered the continued use of this practice on the same geographical areas and thus the potential cumulative effect of environmental AgI.”


Perhaps another reason why they are expanding their seeding agents to other chemicals - concern with cumulative effects. But is seeding with liquid propane safe?

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♥ Since my hearting doesn't seem to be working. Thanks for these links. Idaho is especially terrible these days. Effers.

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Chemtrails are more than just smoke sun screens.

It's the biggest “all smoke and mirrors” of THEIR climate changes.

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Alternatively......it could be a worse issue. Cuz these things works like....we are to be lead to one narrative to move us away from another one.

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Having experienced the floods during Hurricane Harvey when I lived in Houston, I wonder if engineered weather will be used to keep people from voting on Election Day. It rained 60” in some places, water was up to the rooves or the waist in many areas. It was up to the side mirrors of our car. Vote early! A heavy rain or snow will keep voters home.

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You don’t need to vote in person any more - it's all done for you!

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Ain't that right!

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These chemical seeding actions are the cause of a systemic reaction in trees, people, all of life - This is a Terraforming, which creates destruction, then ultimately, DEATH!!!

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Regarding magnesium, Would that also include MagPhos Tissue Salts and Homoeopathic remedies?

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Hi I really would like to donate for your time in writing tremendous information that has helped me.

I just want to know if I can decide at the end of the year/donation to continue or stop. I went to do a payment but it seems as if it might be a automatic renewal and I was just checking. I have shared a lot of your recent posts with friends . I am so happy God sent your information to me!!May God's best be to you and your family always!!

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Hummm! Now I understand why they are seeking to hide our Sun at all cost!

It came to my mind that, besides spraying enough “smart dust” and poisoned chemtrails to kill the crops, insects, trees, plants and all living beings, the toxic chemicals remain at least five years in the atmosphere, just in time for Agenda 2030. They’ll have “Kill bugs [us] dead” alright.

What if they then, how convenient, sell us THEIR artificial sun, controlling light for crops around the globe?

See Agent131711 article I saw that picture of a military or NASA honeycomb giant mirror satellite XXX times stronger than the light we receive from our Sun.


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May 23·edited May 23

The clown show starts mid morning and lasts into the late afternoon. The sky goes from mostly clear to mostly cloudy but it does not usually rain. The same the next day and the next. Since I am outside almost everyday, I must be getting a solid drenching of yummy chemicals and will soon be well past my expiration date. That is my conclusion and when any of these turds say safe or safe and effective, it is always the opposite. In this area, we do not need more rain, there is no drought and we need a bit more sun for healthy living.

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The clown show starts mid morning and lasts into the late afternoon. The sky goes from mostly clear to mostly cloudy but it does not usually rain. The same the next day and the next. Since I am outside almost everyday, I must be getting a solid drenching of yummy chemicals and will soon be well past my expiration date. That is my conclusion and when any of these turd say safe or safe and effective, it is always the opposite. In this area, we do not need more rain, there is no drought and we need a bit more sun for healthy living.

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Great information as always. The only thing I question is you placed Ivermectin in the same category as all the other poisonous chemicals. Why?

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I just wish they'd make up their collective mind! Is the planet heating up because (scary music) >>climate change<<, or is it cooling down because their decades of 'blocking out the sunlight' has actually done something?

They can't have it both ways.

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