But who was behind this prohibition movement - None other than Rockefeller. Was this "religious" "moral" man so concerned with public drunkenness' or the impact on families (the wives who swore to the evil of this devil juice on the integrity of the family). Think not. Actually Mr. R. had a problem. Farmers had been distilling their crop waste for use as stove and lamp oil and to run their machinery for decades. In 1906 Teddy Roosevelt repealed the alcohol tax which made ethanol fuel cheaper than gasoline - one of the reasons for doing this was a response to Standard Oil's monopolistic practices. [This was prior to the national income tax - 1913]. 1908 the Ford Model T had an adjustable carburetor to run on ethanol with gasoline as an option. Ethanol burned cleaner. Initially it was claimed that the prohibition would provide new markets for distillers and benefit farmers - but in no time it was concluded that allowing distillers to continue would just be a "bargain with the devil". So it looks like the prohibition led to greater sells of gasoline by eliminating the competition - Thank you Mr. Rockefeller. Some Info from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_alcohol_fuel

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Look at pictures of Rocky. Lincoln said anyone over 40 is responsible for their own face. Quod erat demonstrandum. Similarly, look at pictures of the utterly vile Jack Smith. The face is that of someone who is ALREADY in Hell. But pix of Rockefeller are striking in terms of the vacuous, blank, a-human shell of a person that might have once been there, a la CS Lewis' "Unman" in Perelandra

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They were pushing the prohibition because they wanted to introduce the income tax , since distilleries stop paying and they wanted more money . The tax was just 2% and just for a short time . Interestingly when they reinstated the alcohol consumption the anti-alcohol women organizations had no objection . But the income tax is still here . It was originally profit tax .

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Agreed....that outlawing booze was stupid, AND Anti-American!

But, THIS should ALWAYS be a reminder.......the 'government' CANNOT BAN ANYTHING without a Constitutional Amendment! I will always use 'Alcohol Prohibition' as the example. Doesn't matter 'WHAT' it is, that they are trying to 'PROHIBIT'.......it IS UNLAWFUL to do so. And, YES.....this INCLUDES DRUGS!! Just an FYI.....I do not do drugs/smoke pot; but even if I NEEDED (for medicinal purposes) to smoke pot......NO GOVT can tell me that I cannot! If the criminal govt wants to 'BAN' something.....they'll NEED A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT, to do so!

Just think of the VERY LOOOOOONG LIST of the shit that the CRIMINAL govt tells us that we CANNOT do (is 'illegal'). Guess what??? WE CAN do these thing.

Also food for thought.......WHY do supposed FREE HUMANS have to ASK/GET PERMISSION from the govt to do BASIC HUMAN ACTIVITIES?? These 'permissions' come in the form of 'PERMITS', 'LICENCES', ect.

WHY do you need PERMISSION from the govt to GET MARRIED?? (ie 'Marriage Lic')

WHY do you need PERMISSION to have a dog(s)?? (ie 'Dog Lic')

WHY do you need PERMISSION from the govt to go FISHING (ie FEED YOURSELF/FAMILY)??

WHY do you need PERMISSION from the govt to TRAVEL (ie DRIVE)??



Act like a SLAVE......get TREATED LIKE A SLAVE!

By the way......the ONLY individuals who need a 'drivers licence' are those who WORK FOR THE GOVT!



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Seems our government has been using psychological warfare against us for a long time. I didn’t know this history though, thanks for researching and writing about this poisoning

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Excellent information. I'm not a drinker so at least I won't have to worry about that type of poisoning I would get from drinking. I'm sure there are enough poisons to go around from other things though.

It's all downhill from here I hate to say.

Jim Rizoli

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(I went to rehab for alcoholism, thankfully. My only sibling is a mess right now with addictions. )Our family has rumors that my great grandfather made some ( a lot of) money during prohibition. Running to New York and the Canadian border.

The blueprint is still working fine for the greedy evildoer oligarchs

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Joe Kennedy made a lot of money bootlegging Canadian whiskey to Chicago with Al Capone. Capone had a “Hideout” on Cranberry Lake in Northern WI that I once visited.

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