Gun ownership in UK is completely illegal without a licence.

One day in 1975 my husband and his friends were gathered in our lounge behind a closed door. I had been out shopping and when I opened that door they all looked guilty. There, between them on the floor, was a large automatic weapon and a stranger was demonstrating it.

"Who the fuck are YOU?" I raged at him, ignoring my husband's effort to eject me from the room. It turned out that this man was recruiting mercenaries to fight in Angola. He was offering big money and all the support that an army might provide. I threw him out of the house and then I turned on my husband and his friends. I was beyond furious, I was almost igniting them with my words.

Later, we found out that this man had succeeded in recruiting a number of young men from our poverty stricken neighbourhood. At the time we had a lorry drivers' strike on in the UK, so everything was grinding to a halt. Everyone was out of work.

The following year we heard that not one of the guys who had signed up with the stranger ever came home.

So you see - these tactics of creating hell-scapes and then tempting the young men into life-threatening scenarios is an old, old trick which has been played out over and over to remove our best and fittest from the gene pool. To destroy lives and to break the hearts of parents and wives or girlfriends.

The Nobs who pay for this don't care about us.

They just want more hell to befall us while they benefit from their diabolical depop agendas.

They want us gone so that there is more for them.

They think "This is mine, mine mine!" like the seagulls in the Nemo animation, over everything they see.

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I'm sooooo sure none of those were guns that went poof under Obama. Hold on to your faith and don't allow the psyops to work you. It's how they control the markets because they count on people to make bad decisions based on emotions and their good at pushing the right buttons. Be prepared, but stay faithful above all else.

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His buddy Eric had nothing to do with it either, I typed rather fast and furiously.

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This is such a good article! Just Wow. Thank you

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It is an open secret that military Intel, along with its CIA counterparts, created the gangsta rap phenomenon of so many years ago to incite and provoke ghetto and poor youth into violent, criminal, law breaking lifestyles in order to feed the insatiable maws of the prison industrial complex and its Unicor slave labor system. Ain't democracy wonderful?

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great job

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The video about the crates full of guns is old. It was published 7 years ago on June 16th, 2016.



Giving crates of guns is an Evil behavior. I appreciate your efforts with your blog. While at the same time, this video is old news presented as new news?

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What is done once is done twice.

And as the fellow says they dropped automatic weapons in his area in the 90's and again in 99. So it is established as a pattern.

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Thank you, I expect we can anticipate chem clouds and gun drops of epic proportions this summer, what with the election and all....

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This is a problem, ☝️

A nasty one!

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Another great article, thanks. I had never heard this before now.

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Concerning the video about Public Law 105-85, where in the 400+ pages does it mention government allowing biological experiments on American civilians?

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