Thought I would make sure that you have seen these articles in today's Guardian, one on experts calling for a global moratorium on geoenginnering --https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/sep/14/experts-call-for-global-moratorium-on-efforts-to-geoengineer-climate?utm_term=65028549064a2bb06f64d1b851721352&utm_campaign=GuardianTodayUK&utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&CMP=GTUK_email.

The other is on Earth already being outside of "safe operating space for humanity." It might be worth looking into the academics behind this nonsense, all I'm sure getting mega-funding to produce alarming findings about carbon even while all the trees are dying from the geo chemicals, as you point out --https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/sep/13/earth-well-outside-safe-operating-space-for-humanity-scientists-find?utm_term=6502a035933eaa70da28fe661152e870&utm_campaign=FirstEdition&utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&CMP=firstedition_email

Btw, if you're not getting more subscribers, it could be because substack has recently started to show subscribers for each substack publicly. As you have a politically sensitive substack, this may put some people off signing up. It came up as an issue in substack office hours today, with other authors not happy about it. Your subscriber list is available here --https://substack.com/@chemtrails/subscribers. It's certainly an issue for me in subscribing to things.

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Complementing your brilliant post today, just found and watched this recent segment on The Highwire, which is equally alarming -- https://thehighwire.com/ark-videos/is-geoengineering-making-forest-fires-worse-mp4/

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I cry; as you do, and often over this intentional destruction.

Over the years I have called the EPA; they ignor, call the symmetrical streaks contrails. I talk to college students, they think I'm crazy, never heard of chemtrails. I share Dane Wigington's geoengineeringwatch.org the Dimming Documentary.

For decades I have called my corrupt, fascist, communist pedophile protecting; some pedophiles themselves - California Reps-no replies on the chemtrails. Usually I get letters in election years; but never were chemtrails addressed.

Yes, I cry for our dying planet being exterminated by serpents who steal, torture, rape, murder our infants, children and women in a massive underground pedophile rings. Whistleblower Mike Gill exposed 300+/- US cartel members in the Pandora Papers- ignored by the US Senate. Why would we expect the serpents to worship nature when they hate humanity and everything our Creater provided in our organic environment to sustain humanity. Natural health treatments, food, our air and water are being destroyed.

The UN Agenda 21- The 21st Century death goals started in 2000 , with Anthony Fauci fast tracking gain-of - function aka biowarfare research. Then in 2001 we got the Patriot Act. Around 2004 +/- CIA stole Dennis Mongonery's HAMMER & Scorecard- been going downhill ever since.

The UN declared 2023 year one of the "New World Order" Heil Hitler'. WEFer eugenicist neo- nazi Klaus Schwab and his brainwashed schooled little Hitlers who graduated from his

" 1992 Global Leaders for Tomorrow, and his 2004 Young Global Leaders for Tomorrow" schools 1,400 +/- globalist WEFer members really think they are saving the world.

The 2030 zero carbon climate goals adapted by the asswholes in D.C. - UN 30X30 Act.

and the Paris Climate Treaty is literally exterminating generational family farms and ranches with EPA overregulations.

What is never stated is what will zero carbon sustain. I go back to the Black Pope the Gray or Grey Pope, the Club of Rome-Vatican, the hidden underground treasures and murdering child sacrificing serpents.

The beautiful Sierras don't have bark beetles, and natural fires. California and the Sierra Nevada forest have chemtrails, and eco- terrorist who use DEW- GIS- GeoEngineered weather to destroy.

Agenda 2050 as carved into Georgia Guidestones before their mysterious destruction stated 500 million people by 2050 to sustain Mother Earth, or something to that effect in different languages. Listen to Schwab's spiritual advisor Yuval Noah Harari on the 21st Century human- useless eaters and his postive statement there is No God - psychopaths control our politicians!

May God have mercy,


Placer County, ca

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I live in Albany, NY. I visited Placer County, CA more than 20 years ago - it was beautiful there.

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This is getting increasingly like Deuteronomy 20:16 on steroids, then the malevolent shapeshifting fake human species now running this world will take over fully with their WEF/UN/WHO Bolshevik commie Israeli front terrorist dictatorship that has already been damaging this world for so many years already, even as they have been building up enough resources and political power by using subjugated and enslaved goyim to finally whack everything else on the planet, with continued arranged but totally unneccessary wars being deliberately maintained so as to be able to justify the continued development of ever more cruel and lethal WMD like the cobalt nuclear planet killer dirty bomb patented by the chosenite Leo Szilard in 1950 in the US, after he first patented the atom bomb explosive mechanism in 1934 in London England.

Then they anticipate they will finally achieve total 'victory' over this world the way they have always wanted, after thoroughly torturing and degrading and murdering every other living thing in it that they wish and harvesting every resource and form of energy they wish for in the most cruel of manners.

I think they are multidimensional in nature and that this is not the main dwelling place of their consciousness, that this world is used to play human chess on by them in something like their dreams in assumed bodies in this dimension as in the 'Avatar' film, as while posing as humans while occupying political positions they play their enslaved human army 'teams' against each other to whack each other for sheer entertainment as part of their sadistic 'land clearance' military strategy.

If that sounds bonkers, read the teachings of the Chabad Lubavitchers who say they personally created this entire dimension of matter and this entire world themselves as 'elohim', and that they are here to conquer this world after coming from a completely different dimension.

Their stated strategy as per the words of Rabbi Laitman to his students has been for their invading souls to consciously engage in psychically hijacking the wombs of human women in order to reincarnate inside humans to then appear as normal human beings.

Their Zohar 'scripture' says all Gentiles in the world come from three lower hellish spheres of existence and that Gentiles including all non-Jewish souls in any species of life are eternally inferior and spiritually lifeless and that all Gentiles in the entire world are to be killed, with this being remarked on in a celebratory and gloating manner by their modern day rabbis, a fact that can be proven by numerous video recordings of them from their meetings saying just that.

Their late chief Rabbi Menachem Schneerson stated that war must be made to occur in Ukraine to 'end the line of the Slavs' there so that millions of Israeli Jews can then jump ship from present day Israel and move to Ukraine when the fighting in Ukraine has cleared enough land for them. No need for any estate agents those guys.

The Chabad Lubavitchers openly declare and brag at their meetings that they totally control all political and business affairs in both Russia and Ukraine, the potential nuclear WWIII is directly caused by these parasitic 'people' through various machinations.

Putin, Zelensky, the US political establishment and the UK and French governments are totally involved in this deep state occult-based criminal terrorist death cult, and their insane WEF Israeli NWO front policies are totally responsible for this happening to the trees, as the US especially is totally under the effective political leadership of dual nationality Israelis alone whose effective loyalty is only to their own tribe worldwide and to Israel.

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Millions of pounds of onions dumped in ditches during lockdown.

Millions of mink slaughtered for their Dark Arts.

3000 year old Olive Trees bulldozed down.

5784 years of culling humans.

So, it has always been beyond Jen Oh Side which is why I call them BIOCIDAL Maniacs.

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“Their late chief Rabbi Menachem Schneerson..” - they have the most unappealing names.

I think you left out a few players: all the states in Europe are involved.

As are the Commonwealth Countries - Canada (big time); Australia; New Zealand.

Trudeau is Castro’s son and Castro lineage seems to go back to Mesopotamia, according to Leuren Moret.

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I like to read Leuren Moret too, she awakened me to how terrible a WMD DU really is. Just been looking at more of the crypto-Jewish Jesuit involvement in things. I knew that 'Catholic' Columbus (a Jew nee Colon who observed Jewish customs) took with him Sephardic Jewish-named 'Catholic' conqistadores Velasquez and Cortez who of course as malevolent Jews in reality naturally did their vile land-clearing thing when they got there,

Columbus used to chop Indians' feet off and then roast them slowly alive till they died 12 at a time after hanging them from a long log over a fire, but I did not know there was crypto-Jewish Jesuit involvement also with Columbus, his voyages of course to S. America and N. America to search for a New World (really for the Jews to rule), took place around the time when Queen Isabella was expelling Jews from Spain.

Interesting about the Jewish Castro's lineage going back to Mesopotamia. Of course, like the 'Midwich Cuckoos', they as an intendedly world-conquering migrant soul group incarnated all at once together all over the planet in different human races using an occult process of fully conscious guided reincarnation to pose as humans of different skin colours after hijacking the foetuses in many human women's wombs, after even coming here from a different dimension of matter to enter into this one, so I presume that is how their souls had to take on this new outer grade of physical matter after shedding their previous one to make the transition, that is what Chabad Lubavitcher Rabbi Laitman teaches his students so I suppose that is what they really did. He reckons a lot of these souls in different races have yet still to remember their true original purpose as part of this invading Jewish soul group and fully link back with it that he terms spiritual commandos. This is likely why monsters like Chairman Mao, Pol Pot and Nelson Mandela have all demonstrated such close affinity with Jewish mass-genocidal purpose directed against humanity.


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Moret believes the Castro link goes to Alessandro Farnese.

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Indeed they did a stellar job concealing their identities - and then weaponising any criticism of 'them'.

I am particularly intrigued by the "Catholic Church is responsible" take - when it seems the Jesuits were the same people we are talking about.

Of course there are non-"Js" involved: there are useful murderous tools involved in every 'revolution'.

These people quite unbelievably seem to think they will be spared.

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Roman Catholicism is really an occult black magic ritual inflicted on the Gentiles by the Jews (even though Emperor Constantine banned Jews from holding public offices in ancient Rome), it is pure proto-Bolshevik demonic evil stated to be pure good to blind and blacken the consciousness of the Gentiles so much that the real God will not maintain a close contact with Catholics, leaving them exposed without spiritual protection as dogmeat for the Jews to feast on and suck their blood. Some of the early popes can be proven never to have axtually existed, DM Murdock demonstrated this very clearly, and even some of the 'saints' of Roman Catholicism are simply hijacked and renamed pagan deities.

This anti-spiritual Trojan horse psy-op with the small yarmulke hats has always been their tool even when it looked like it was opposing them, that is the art of controlled opposition, it really has to look sincerely opposed and be seen to be so for at least some of the time even on a physical level.

Nobody who is intent on burning all others alive unceasingly for all eternity as the Catholic church maintains is completely literal is going to be going anywhere near any spiritual dimension for a long time, as they are now totally psychotic.

And this terrible fate is the fate that the Jews intend for all non-Jews anyway, BUT they need for everyone else to look just as bad to muddy the waters so the Jew can always point their fingers at everyone else who is Christian or Muslim and claim nobody is better than the Jews because everyone else in those religions at the very least is intent on burning all others alive unceasingly for all eternity, when in reality, it is entirely the poisonous Jews who have degraded the consciousness of all those Gentiles in the first place and sent them quite insane in many ways, as the Jews are behind the creation of the Abrahamic-based Christianity and Islam, the whole idea comes from Judaism in the first place, but the Jews consider hell is only for Gentiles alone, the Jews themselves do not believe any Jews can be put in any hell, instead if required they have just a 12 months maximum period between incarnations which is not for any form of punishment but for spiritual reorientation, as Jews believe Jews are the same as God and eternally pure goodness and sinless, so if any sinfulness becomes somehow associated with any Jew, it is held that that sinfulness is simply like an infectious cold that has passed from the Gentiles to the Jews an should therefore rightfully be transferred back to the or non-Jewish soul community, hence the Jewish black magic blood sacrifice kapparot chicken bad karma transfer rituals, which is what the kidnapping and torture to rdeath of Christian childen is also intended to accomplish too I think, as kidnapped little Christian children have been ritually crucified while whey are being tortured and bled to death, which is how the Jews make the ritual wine with adrenochrome in it no doubt to be distributed to the general Jewish community for them to use to enter into their preferred very dark and sinister alternate dimensional state of consciousness.

They have perfected the dark occult science of wiping their bad karma on everyone else, but by doing so and indulging in all kinds of criminal excesses at the same time without karmic consequence, the real God no doubt sees what they are doing as well, but even if He did not see and did not do the slightest thing about it, the Jews by their own hand are continually excluding themselves by their constantlyl hateful and angry mentality and actions from ever accessing the place of infinite cosmic love for as long as they choose to maintain such a negative and exploitative attitude against all others, as they are quite simply devoting themselves to quite a different plane of consciouness that is entirely unhealthy, a plane on which the idea of the existence of any higher plane is almost entirely unsuspected and undesired by the Jews.

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On a more modern note: the widespread belief in the myth of 'meritocracy' in the US is most definitely a ploy to hide the obvious nepotism in use.

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Max Igan: There's a reason why they have been driven out of more than 1,000 places.

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Max Igan did a video some time back where he said since what has happened recently in Gaza he can no longer support Israel (which had long then already been butchering women and babies with IDF snipers, one shot two kills style). They use hollow point exploding ammunition too, which is banned from being used in warfare in every nation in the world except Israel, though the US crypto-Jewish or not so crypto-Jewish governemt maintains the right to use hollow point exploding ammunition not on any external enemy, but only against the civilian population of the US in the case of rebellion or unrest.

I thought what was he doing supporting Israel for in the first place when what Israel really needed was fuel air bombs dropped all over Israel in the first place.

He said that the 'fake Jews' AKA 'Khazarian Jews' are doing all this in Israel today to the Gazans...

Then I thought, if he was supporting Israel before, then why was he supporting what he NOW says are just 'fake Jews or Khazarian Jews' or whatever, same thing, it is a term all the dodgers use, then I thought, why is he saying they are 'fake/Khazarian' Jews all of a sudden, like 'real' Jews are entirely uninvolved in this, as many are using this ploy to divert criticism for genocidal acts away from Jews/Judaism (and surely thus onto what they ridiculously wish us to believe are actually Gentiles faking being Jews) and claim all this is being done by 'fake Jews from Khazaria', except there never really was any mass conversion or any conversion at all of Gentiles to Judaism in Khazaria, this is stated even by Jerusalem University by professors there now, and by Dr Karl Skorecki;

The Cohanim - DNA Connection


All Jews are really real Jews, and all Zionists are really Jews, and all Jews are really Zionists, as making aliyah has always been the Jewish religion, long before this name or that name for it in any particular century was invented.

Even the Chief Commonwealth Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis says Judaism and Zionism are one and the same and that Zionism is essential and fundamental to Judaism (the Jews denying this now are merely attempting yet another extremely dishonest slippery dodge, and many of them ONLY just now of course, they are always saying someone else has done this or that).

They have actually been driven out 1,031 times in all so far, I think some say 1,030 just to provide a round number maybe; here, both numbers are used:


Winston Churchill whose mother was named Jerome, a New York Jewess, had Dresden bombed on the exact anniversary of a centuries earlier execution of Jews in Dresden. The Jews had been caught murdering Christians there, as Jews were instructed by their rabbis to do in various Christian nations. He said to his RAF team "How shall we light up 600,000?". He also said "We shall baste them in their own fat". At that time he knew vast numbers of German refugees were passing into that area, and publicly he issued a propaganda film showing how he had instructed RAF bomber crews to avoid hititng the market place area where many refugees were thought to be congregating, but privately he had instructed the RAF bomber crews to aim intensively on the market place and they did.

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It is staggering how many are really Jews though. Take Boris Johnson for instance, everyone I speak to assures me emphatically that he is a Christian and an Anglo Saxon and a Church of England member, it is all there online for anyone to look up, the official version that is, even the nice little story how he was baptised Catholic then converted at Eton from Catholic to Anglican.

I was going to post a link here to an article of mine with a video of a very Jewish Boris Johnson saying "I am a Jew" while ritually attired in a wide-brimmed rabbinical blue velvet stetson type hat while standing on a stage with two rabbinical Jewish men in black suits. That is how the lethal parasites trick their way into power again and again so that they can continue their deadly attack against all humanity.

BUT, I have just searched through my entire site 3 times from beginning to end, TPTB have infiltrated my site and deleted that video so I cannot show it to you now, but it does exist, they must have been really pissed off that I had that on my site and taken it down, a whole bunch of my articles have been removed completely over some time, oh well.


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BK: "His maternal great-grandfather, Elias Avery Lowe, was a Moscow-born Jew, while his paternal great-grandfather was a Turkish-Muslim."

He's got the devil in spades: there's that pesky link to Mother Russia; and Satanic Turkey.

Re: Russia connex - first the 'anti-imperialist' alt media and pundits went to bat whitewashing Russia - esp concerning Communism. These people are also responsible for the 'Israel as a client state of the USA' narrative, rather than the tail that wags the dog.

Queen Elizabeth had all her sons circumcised by a prominent rabbi 'friend of the fam'. According to Clarence House, Charles was due to 'convert' in 2016.

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Most interesting, the donmeh crypto-Jewish fake Islamic sect that Erdogan's family belongs to today that was started by the Frankist Sabbatean Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi is linked to the crypto-Jewish Young Turks, with Erdogan typically playing both sides as Jews do being deeply linked to ISIS (Israeli Secret intelligence Service).

Though one might well expect the case to be different, Johnson's Turkish relative is not held to have been in favour with this particular group called the Young Turks, but Johnson is so evil and callous towards human life you would think his relative would have been a donmeh, and maybe he still was, maybe just not that particular group, as the megalomaniac Jews are always fighting each other too, all no doubt thinking they alone are the prophesied moshiach or maybe Johnson just gets his Jewish stuff form the other side of his family as you reveal.

King Charles was circumcised by the chief Jewish rabbi in all of England, and the king, like his mother was before him, is now the Governor General of the crypto-Jewish-led Protestant Church of England, a playground for pedo fake priests in large measure, the whole Christian church is a criminally insane black magic organization anyway with its hell-raising idea of burning all others alive unceasingly for all eternity after this life, which is absolute raving insanity.

Ferguson, Prince Andrew's ex-wife, is commonly a Jewish name, Prince Harry's wife Markle is a black Jewess, Prince William's wife Middleton is a Jewess also, and her 3 kids were blessed with Torah scrolls, they don't do that for goyim, so we are to be subjected to a crypto-Jewish fake Christian royal family now, with the king far worse than randy Andy and the Jewish Epstein, as two victims of the Yorkshire ripper Peter Sutcliffe were found within several hundred yards of Jimmy Savile's Leeds home, and the police at first suspected Savile himself of being the ripper. No doubt somebody had a word in the ear of the police to tell them to look elsewhere.

Savile actually even said live on TV "I am the ripper story", you can see a video recording of him on the internet saying that. He used to 'work' in Rampton and Broadmoor top security mental hospitals, and staff said he seemed instantly familiar with Peter Sutcliffe after Sutcliffe had been convicted and sent there as if he already knew him, but of course he did, and he used to regularly spend hours in his cell with him chatting and having tea and scones with him according to regular staff, who said they found that strange, but Savile was a strange man who used to have sex with dead bodies in hospital mortuaries according to the testimony of hospital nurses who knew but had been told at the time to keep their mouths shut.

I bet King Charles and crypto-Jewish Jimmy Savile (a common Jewish name), who actually said on television that he was more Jewish than most Jews, used to party together with Peter Sutcliffe long before Sutcliffe had been arrested.

Princess Anne even went on a royal visit to Wakefield Prison according to former prison staff I have spoken with and met with a man who had saved the life of Peter Sutcliffe when another inmate tried to kill him in another establishment, after which the man who saved Sutcliffe's life had been transferred to Wakefield, and this inmate had been specially instructed to be standing in a specific location while all other inmates had to remain seated during the royal visit, and Princess Anne accompanied by her royal equerry, lady in waiting and personal bodyguard went straight up to him immediately rather than anyone else, and strangely shook his hand, yet he himself who was very Jewish-named was in prison for raping and killing two little girls, how odd that the princess should choose to extend such immediate warmth and to that particular inmate who had done such a terrible thing, obviously intending to act discreetly as proxy on behalf of her brother then.

But then again, Princess Diana did say that the royal family she had married into are not human, and like the Chabad Lubavitcher rabbis like to do terrible things to children in tunnels in New York for instance, so the late Queen Elizabeth II can be seen talking to a young child in one video where she meets children from different commonwealth nations in one large meeting room, telling him, "Tunnels, yes, we have lots of tunnels".

Think of the Queen Elizabeth's royal visit to the Kamloops residential Christian school in Canada for Native American Indians, a school from which she and Prince Philip took ten little Indian kids from the school for a 'picnic'. I rather think their blood was the picnic, as none of those children was ever seen alive again. The survival rate in those schools in Canada was typically only around 50%, a very strange sort of care system they must have had there.

These sorts of 'schools' and 'care homes' have commonly been used by VIP's to rent or buy children from, and some children never do return alive to them or get seen again.

David Icke maintains that the ex-UK PM Ted Heath used to rent young boys from care homes in England, take them on one of his five yachts and then murder them out at sea for more kicks and dump them overboard. Ted Heath told police he could not possibly be guilty as a witness who said he saw Ted Heath driving a car must have been lying as Ted Heath told police he could not drive, but later a photo emerged of Ted Heath at the wheel of a car, and some police now reckon he really was guilty.

Two serving police officers I have spoken with at length told me how there are files on the former Prince Charles for two serious sex offences that have never been acted on by the police, indeed it is now totally illegal to arrest or convict any monarch in England, he could literally butcher dozens of women for kicks with Peter Sutcliffe and Jimmy Savile if they were able to be with him and simply laugh knowing that the law of England prevents him ever being arrested for any crime whatsoever or ever being convicted, just like the mad King Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones who enjoys sadistically murdering young women.

The court astrologer and seer John Dee once treacherously advised Queen Elizabeth the First that she should advise English nobility to intermarry with Jews and create an empire abroad, but of course what he was really proposing was that interbred Jews could sneakily place their own tribal souls in white bodies with white faces and invade and take over other nations whilst appearing as Causasians and Christians while in reality they would be crypto-Jewish souls really building a Jewish empire under false colours unsuspected of being what they really were.

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Our borders are wide open. We have no country. That's why these demons do what they want. Our government had been overthrown. The uniparty- globalist- compromised- republicans do their theatrics in committee hearings and talk firce on Fox News as the criminals get richer and remain in office. Theatrics - Americans don't know what 5th generation warfare is. Read " The Naked Communist" written in 1958, and the CCP PLA 1999 war manuel "Unrestricted Warfare".

I keep up on current events with Brannon Howse, wvwtv.com who also is host on FrankSpeech.com..

So far their guest speakers, independent investigative journalist, the whistleblowers, financial advisors, retired military, and the historians predictions are spot on...



Placer County, Ca

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I worked in small aviation for 20 years, sometimes flying all day. We would witness the spraying begin in the morning and turn into toxic sky sludge by the afternoon, sometimes getting so bad that it grounded us. On the ground, people’s noses would be running and eyes burning. Of course they would say something like: “my allergies are really acting up today.” Mm-hmm. Truly, the human capacity for self-deception is infinite.

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Thanks fpr putting out the warning but it's too late.

Unless the ones that did this are melted in alkali for toxic waste fertilizer this will never stop. And even if the programs of poisoning were halted then it would take a hundred years to recover.

These beasts are TERRAFORMING the planet for whatever their Controling entity requires.

The punk Is Ra Eli soldiers who BULLDOZED THREE-THOUSAND YEAR OLD OLIVE trees years ago was my introduction to them ERASING AND DEFRAGGING ALL OF THE PROGRAMS IN THIS SIM.

Of course the trees are falling down, just like athelete in their prime are falling down.

Not-so-sudden Tree Death Sin Drone.

David Icke warned of THORIUM the dirtiest of all nookyear isotopes being used as refractory material, so I looked up the patent. It was there and they don't waste time or money when something has a countdown timer on a patent. Years later I finally got a Geiger counter to investigate chemtrail influence and to see if Fukashima was a myth.

Background radiation in ILL Annoyed should be in the 20's. By the time I got the Geiger counter it was in the upper 30s. By the time the Chinee burnt the forests in Canada it was in the UPPER FORTIES with the rain bringing down hotspots in the 60s to 80s.

Silent death.

Despite an Arctic Depression that should have cleared the air in the Grain Ghetto with invigorating pure freshness the air the entire fall through winter smells like lighter fluid on a good day and godnosewhat on all other days.

I used to LIVE out of doors, but now I dread getting the mail or throwing out compost (that DOESN'T DECAY).

Herbicides used on the farm (pharm) are NOT WEED KILLERS. They are HUMAN DRUGS that double as weed killers. I grew a garden for 49 years and now I can't get seeds to geminate.

This is chem eye cull and buy oh logical wharf air so unless people start treating like they are casualties of a hostile assault it is goodbye for hue manatees. It was nice knowing you folks.

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Most realistic post I've seen yet.

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I live in Northern Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati and I've been noticing this for the past couple of years. I keep scanning local news, thinking maybe there will be an article about an invading pest or something, but no luck. SO many trees are dying here and no one is questioning it. Thank you for posting this information.

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Who the hell is spraying this crap? Private or government? It has to end even if by force.

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Both working together (or one bought by the other) but there are patents going back 75 years about this garbage.

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There are solutions available to us! I've been using a couple of modalities for the past two areas where I live with incredible results to the skies, weather patterns, plants and living systems. Let me know if you are interested, there things that people can do about this right where they are.

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Why aren't you sharing your "modalities"?

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Emily needs to charge you first.

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Yes, can you please share them. Very interested.

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UNSUSTAINABLE - The UN's Agenda for World Domination (Full Movie) :


UNConventional Grey:


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U.N.sustainable Goals. It's all there in the name.

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OK, so it seems obvious that we need to begin over planting as many trees as we can...this seems like a project that we could actually individually take on, no? The more we have a chance for carbon dioxide to be present, the more overpowering we can maybe be to their diabolical agenda...no?

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As I understand it, the problem is that the chemicals are killing the trees, so whether they're old or newly planted, they will die. No living thing is likely to survive against barium, strontium, and aluminum -- even the people in charge of this worldwide poisoning will not survive it. Even if they have a escape hatch in a mountain or under the sea or on Mars, they will never be able to survive on this planet without trees. They must think they have found another way to produce oxygen than plant life, but they will still have to deal with all of those chemicals, which will kill them. (Of course, they think they will replace all their parts with machine parts and be able to coexist with such chemicals and live forever. Just looking at the fake trees, you have to ask who would want to live in a fake Truman Show world like that.)

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Absolutely! Transhumanists will slap on their Oculus headgear live in fantasy world & be immortalized as an avatar. Clown world 🤡

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All great points...I guess I have two trains of thought in your and my exchange. Would the new trees, if the number planted was high enough over power and help filter the harmful chemicals(I am just a question asking non scientific mom)? Secondly...I always remind myself that Jesus is coming back and all things can change in an instant! Blessings to you! (BTW My Hubs is from Ishpeming area)

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Not sure, Kelly. Good question and I don't know the answer, but let's hope so since trees along roadways have taken a lot of pollution over the years. Thanks for the blessings and same to you and our substack host.

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Presuming, my friend, that these creatures REQUIRE the stuff that makes up life for us.

If they do not then this is terraforming.

If they do then they either have tech replacements or they have some countermeasures that we're not aware of.

I say Jack Bauer needs to do a 24, and extract the answers from the because the clock is ticking down.

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NO. The farm chemicals they are using favor ONLY GMO plants. I can't get seeds to germinate and a pepper plant I brought in going on 2 years old SPONTANEOUSLY ABORTS ALL OF ITS FLOWERS no matter what I do. I've been growing a garden for 49 years but had to quit due to zombie crops. Neither alive or dead.

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There’s also the new 5G towers that are disguised as “trees”…

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It's the soil that is dying.. trees do not naturally expire, their longevity is environmental.

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Thank you for this article about the trees dying. I have been taking similar photos in upstate NY. I'm an ADK 46-er, which means I climbed all the high peaks of the Adirondacks. I grew up in a home on property that was adjacent to miles of watershed and state park lands. I've spent my entire life walking in forests. I finished doing the 46 peaks in 2014. I've noticed a big difference in the health of the forest from 2012 to now. Our forests are in the process of being devastated here. There are many trees which do not fully leaf in the summer. Across the border in Massachusetts, I took photos of the side of a mountain on which the trees were completely brown on the Fourth of July weekend.

I looked at a cottage to buy on what would have been a dream property. It bordered a state forest filled with evergreens. When I walked to the back of the property, I was horrified to see that the whole forest was dead. There was devastation everywhere, dead limbs all over the ground and downed trees that just died and broke in half. On another property in a different region, two hours from there, nearly all the trees of any species on the property were sick. They were covered in dead branches that snapped in your fingers. And absolutely nothing grew on the ground floor of the forest there. No weeds, no moss, no saplings. Although this was a very rural area, there wasn't even a "forest smell." It appeared sterile.

From what I've seen, I don't think it's entirely caused by insects like "ash borers." I have walked through forests including ash and beech, but also nearly every other eastern hardwood and evergreen. Regardless of the type of tree, I saw mature trees which had just fallen apart. I can recall seeing (and taking pictures of) sick oaks, sick maples, paper birch, dead evergreens of various varieties, beech, ash, elm. The healthiest types of trees I have seen around are probably hickory and a species of aspen. At least this is my observation while hiking.

While walking, I often examine newly fallen limbs. The inside of the wood is moisture-logged even when it has not recently rained. Moisture is collecting inside the trees, as if trees have become unable to utilize water properly. The trunk and limbs break off. I can only assume this is probably caused by toxic contaminants in the moisture. Trees are rotting while standing. They are just falling apart.

I've noticed recently plants and trees look less healthy after it rains. This was not the case years ago. As a kid and young adult, I always had a garden. I can recall plants and trees looking healthier after rainfall. Today, the rain must be somewhat polluted by chemicals. Probably from the geoengineering. Even the houseplants I have outside on a balcony during the summer are less healthy than when they are inside. I tried to plant herbs outside at a house I lived in until recently. After one rainfall, everything just died.

Anyway, thanks for your research. It has prompted me to look into this again.

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Not a bot. Typo on 'areas', apologies, should have read 'past two years'. I have a very busy life and realized I don't have the time at the moment to write a long explanation for just a comment thread. But I will share in the future, though maybe it will be a full article. We the People need to share the solutions we find. But, in short, as I'm not withholding, just not prepared to explain it all right now... Orgone (aka Orgonite) and Homeopathy can transform and restore the environment and mitigate chemtrails.

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